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CascadiaJS 💗 Open Source Maintainers

Every single tech company that you can think, including the Unicorns that are either privately or publicly worth more than $1 billion, are built on top of open source software (OSS). But the vast majority of the people who maintain these projects are not compensated for their work.

This has been an active topic of conversation in the community and Twitter is chock full of opinions here. Here are two articles very much worth reading:

CascadiaJS doesn't have the resources to pay OSS maintainers for the work they do, but we can certainly make it easier for them to attend our technical conference.

If you are an active maintainer of an NPM module that is highly-depended upon by the NPM ecosystem, please enter your NPM username below and we'll let you know if you qualify for a discount (or completely free!) ticket to CascadiaJS 2019.

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