Join us for CascadiaJS 2020!

Traveling to CascadiaJS

For those of you who do not live in Seattle, we have you covered! Please check out this travel guide for more information about how to get to Seattle and where to stay while you are here.


In order to best plan your stay, here is a rough schedule of events. We will continue adding more and more fun activities, but these are the core parts of CascadiaJS:

Crossing the Border to the United States

If you are traveling to the United States from another country, PLEASE ensure that you research the requirements for travel to the United States from your country of origin, including Passports and potential Visa requirements.

Bus / Train

Traveling to Cascadia is always more fun with friends! While we are not organizing an "official" Hacker Bus or Train this year, we have identified a couple of great bus and train options that will get you into Seattle on November 6th in plenty of time for all of the fun events we are planning.

Departing Vancouver, BC

Departing Portland, OR

Please check-out the #getting-to-cascadia channel in Slack to coordinate meeting up and traveling with your fellow Cascadians!


Depending on where you are flying in from, there are two good options for airports.

SeaTac Airport

SeaTac Airport is the major airport for Seattle servicing all major airlines.

Information on getting to/from SeaTac

Paine Field

A brand-new option is Paine Field, which is located north of Seattle. Currently United and Alaska Airlines are operating flights with connections to Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and several other major cities.

Information on getting to/from Paine Field


We have partnered with two hotels and secured really great group rates to fit your budget: Crowne Plaza ($159 / night) and Hyatt Regency ($209 / night).

More information on the hotels and booking