Join us for CascadiaJS 2020!


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CascadiaJS exists to educate and grow the JavaScript community in the Pacific Northwest. We're constantly seeking new ways to make our community broader and more inclusive, so we're excited to work with our community to fund this year's Scholarship Program.


The Scholarship Program is open to everyone who meets these requirements:

How it works


Does the scholarship include travel and hotel?

No, but we will collect information on folks who live more than 1-hour outside of Seattle, WA and will fund travel and lodging on a case-by-case basis if our funding supports it.

Are there additional resources and support for Scholarship Recipients?

Yes! We plan on hosting an exclusive mixer for Scholars where they will get to meet and network with mentors and leaders in the tech community. We are also in the process of planning more specific programs to assist folks who are looking for jobs, looking for mentors, seeking training, etc. Stay tuned!

Please help us spread the word!

Please help us in our outreach efforts. Take a moment to share this post with relevant people or organizations. We hope this Scholarship Program can enable you to join us and contribute to our community!

Applications Closed