Join us for CascadiaJS 2020!

Accessibility Matters to Us

In order to build an inclusive community for web developers we work hard to make our event as accessible as possible. Below you'll find information on our efforts this year. If there's something you think we're missing, please don't hesitate to contact us! CascadiaJS is for everyone.

Entering the Venue

A 3-minute drop-off and loading zone exists across the street from the 8th Avenue Entrance. The doors are accessible via a ramp and lead, at-grade, into our lobby level. From there, you can access an at-grade elevator serving all three levels of the building, as well as an all-gender, ADA restroom.


Town Hall features 18 all-gender restrooms on our lobby level, as well as ADA-accessible restrooms on the lobby and Forum level.

Hearing Loop

A Hearing Loop system has been installed in all three of performance spaces. These enable audience members with T-coil hearing aids to experience our events at full volume by having sounds from the stage’s microphones transmitted directly to their hearing aids!


Anyone can reserve a front-row seat or space for their wheelchair/mobility device.

Service Animals

Town Hall welcomes certified service animals on all levels of our building. No other animals are permitted.

Live Captioning

All host remarks and Main Stage talks will be live-captioned by White Coat Captioning.

Access for Speakers & Staff

Town Hall is also ADA accessible for speakers and staff. All backstage and back-of-house areas are accessible for all bodies.

Child Care

We are working on providing limited child care on-site. If you require child care in order to attend the conference, please make sure to reach out to us before you purchase tickets. Space is limited.

Mother's Room

There is a dedicated Mother's Room that will be available for mothers who need a private place to nurse.

Economic Accommodations

If financial circumstances prevent you from attending CascadiaJS 2019 then please take advantage of our Scholarship Program.

Pronoun Stickers

Pronoun stickers (ask me, he, she, they) will be available at check-in.

Photography consent lanyards are also available at check-in: