CascadiaJS 2019

stickers on table at 2018 conference

CascadiaJS features a single track of 24 amazing speakers discussing the cutting-edge of JavaScript, web development and engineering culture over the course of 2 days.

We also work hard to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone! We expect, and require, all organizers, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees of all levels to adhere to our Code of Conduct.


Deadline Jun 30 Aug 30 Oct 30
Corporate $600 $700 $800
Indie $400 $500 $600
Scholarship $99 $99 $99

NOTE: If you are paying yourself, work at a non-profit or a company with less than 10 people, feel free to use the promo code INDIE for $200 off.

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The newly renovated Town Hall (Seattle, WA, USA)

illustration of renovated Town Hall building

Hacker Bus

We are chartering buses to bring folks from Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC to Seattle! Travel to the conference in style with fellow developers and enjoy forking repos and submitting PRs on the Wi-Fi.

PLEASE NOTE that these tickets are only good for one way travel on Nov 6.

Mentor Mixer

We will be organizing a mentor mixer the evening before the conference for our Scholarship recipients.

Weekend Fun Times

TBD fun weekend activities with your fellow Cascadians!