GraphQL Workshop

Want to learn GraphQL but you’re not sure where to get started? Get a solid foundation in this hands-on, two-day workshop.

In this course, we're going to learn GraphQL, a special way to ask internet servers questions. We are going to learn how to ask these servers all sorts of questions at once and allow them to provide all of the answers in a single response. Then we'll build our own GraphQL servers with Node.js that can answer questions that originate with any client. On the second day, we’ll build a client-side application with Apollo Client and React.

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Course Outline

Throughout the course, all topics will be reinforced with hands-on lab activities. All students will receive a copy of the instructors’ book, Learning GraphQL, from O’Reilly Media.

Prerequisites: Basic JavaScript, familiarity with Node.js/installing with npm.

Instructor Bios

Eve Porcello and Alex Banks are the co-founders of Moon Highway, a curriculum development and classroom training company based in Northern California. They have created courses for LinkedIn Learning and and are the co-authors of Learning GraphQL and Learning React from O’Reilly.