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Workshop: What's New in React 16

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Formidable will hold a full-day React training workshop on Monday, November 4th prior to the conference. The workshop will cover some of the new patterns introduced in React 16 such as fragments, error boundaries, context, and hooks. More info on the workshop below!



This workshop is for developers who are familiar with base React JS components, JSX, and modern JavaScript syntax.


Spaces - Pioneer Square
95 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104


Morning: Review, Fragments, Error Boundaries, New Lifecycle Methods

We will start the workshop with a quick review of props, state, and rendering patterns. Then we'll dive into the new fragments and error boundaries APIs. We finish the morning with a lesson on some new lifecycle methods.

Afternoon: Context and Hooks

The afternoon session will focus on the two biggest changes in React 16 — context and hooks. First, we'll cover the new context API, then complete the day with a deep dive into hooks.


Rob Gerstenberger

Rob is an original member of Formidable, joining the firm in 2013. He serves as Lead Developer on several high-profile full-stack and React Native projects. When he’s not contributing to the Formidable blog or multiple open source libraries, Rob can be found working on UI building software.

Jon Reynolds

Jon joined Formidable in 2018 as a software engineer where he specializes in React Native development. He has recently taken on the challenge of leading a client project, but still makes plenty of time for contributing to Formidable's training program. He’s an experienced speaker and counts reading, skiing, and his dog, Zeus, among his passions.